Houlton Regional Hospital re-opens doors to youths

15 years ago

    HOULTON — Houlton Regional Hospital is announcing the visitor restriction policy recently put in place has been lifted.  Those 18-years-old and younger may once again visit patients at the hospital.  At this time there has been a decrease in patients presenting with influenza like illnesses.
    Vaccine is now currently available for everyone ages 6 months and older who wish to receive it.  Please contact your provider’s office.
    Houlton Regional Hospital was not the recipient of any of the vaccine for children 6 months to 35 months that had been recalled, according to Infection Preventionist Ellen Bartlett, RN,. The recall was not a safety issue. The vaccine was slightly weaker than the license standards called for.  The CDC and FDA have agreed that the small decrease is unlikely to have a significant reduction in the immune response of the individuals vaccinated and that revaccination is not recommended.
    Houlton Regional Hospital encourages everyone to continue to use good hand hygiene, cover coughs and stay home when ill.  
    The H1N1 flu virus is expected to continue to circulate and additional surges are also possible.  We expect to experience a seasonal flu surge as well, as we normally do sometime in the winter.  There is still more influenza across the country than is usually seen this time of year, and vaccination remains the best protection against the flu.  Now is an excellent time to get vaccinated, so you will be protected during the next wave of flu.
    Please contact Bartlett at 521-2340 if you have any questions regarding the H1N1 vaccine.