9 farms recognized as ‘Stewards of the Land’

14 years ago

    Nine farms in Southern Aroostook were recently recognized by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) as being conservation stewards, who go above and beyond on their farms to protect natural resources. The NRCS recently unveiled a new conservation program titled the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) that is only eligible to farms and forestry operations that can document that they are operating above a certain stewardship level.
    In Southern Aroostook, farms operated by Daniel Corey, Lilley LLC, Wood Prairie Farm, Donald Fitzpatrick, and Timothy O’Donnell were recognized as not only farming sustainably, but going above and beyond on their operation. The CSP program also recognized four forestry operations including, Janet Baiardi, Jon Scott, Wood Prairie Farm and Ervin Tower as maintaining their forestland at a high level, and again willing to implement more conservation on the ground.
    The biggest surprise was that three of these operations were potato farms (Corey, Fitzpatrick and Wood Prairie).  
    “Most of the state believed that potato farms did not stand a chance with this program due to the high incidence of erosion on the bare fields.” said District Conservationist Helena Swiatek, “but we showed that, at least in Southern Aroostook, some of our potato farmers are not only farming sustainably, but are going above and beyond to protect the soil and water.”  
    The CSP program provides these farms with a financial incentive to maintain their current stewardship level and to implement more conservation practices.  For more information, contact  532-2087 x 3, or stop by the office at 304 North St., Houlton.