Cougars to make history

13 years ago

By Gloria Austin  
Staff Writer

    This year’s boys soccer team will make history no matter how they finish in the win-loss column. The 2010 Cougars lineup will include two girls.
    “This ought to be an interesting year for us,” said Katahdin coach Matt Lindsay.   
    Since the school didn’t field a girl’s team, two of the players have joined the boys’ squad.
    “One of the girls, Megan Merry, is going to see a lot of playing time if she continues on the path she is on,” Lindsay said. “She is a strong, smart and talented player with great potential. I look forward to seeing how she does this season on the boy’s team.”
    In 2008, the Cougars captured the Class D state title only to go into a rebuilding year last season, with only one senior.
    “Last year, we were a young and inexperienced team,” Lindsay said. “So, with everyone being a year older and having another year of playing, I hope we can sneak into a playoff game or two.”
    The Cougars return a solid front line anchored by Mickey Savage, Kolby Gallagher and Micah Rodgerson.
    “A few others are currently working for a starting position up front,” said Lindsay. “Our midfield is shaping up and continuing to improve. That is where we were the weakest last year. So, hopefully, we can create better pressure and more wins at the midfield line.”
    Holding the backfield strong for the Cougars will be Kohle Birmingham, Brenden Landry, Sam Vetter, Lucas Anderson and Jesse McNally.
    “They have the potential to be a very solid backline,” said Lindsay. “Since they are able to play against our front line each day, it is my goal to get each line to improve and challenge each other each day at practice.”
    Other supporting players are Joel Birmingham, Forest Heath, Natalia Natress, Maverick Elwell, Jordan Pelkey, Braden Cunningham, Patrick Knowles and Matt Olsen.
    Lindsay’s goals for his team are basic — to make it to a playoff game and for his players to improve each time they step onto the field.
    With Hodgdon not fielding a boy’s team, Katahdin added Easton, who Lindsay said is “solid” and “an improving” East Grand.
     “Overall, our schedule should be tough from top to bottom, with Bangor Christian most likely being the toughest team we will play,” he added.