Ashland girl an outstanding example of philanthropy

13 years ago


by Susan Feeney-Hopkins

    You’re never too young for good deeds, and 10-year-old Micayla Driscoll of Ashland proves that even a child is capable of making a difference in the lives of others. The daughter of Teri-Lyn and Chuck Driscoll of Ashland, Micayla began her philanthropic ways when she was in pre-Kindergarten.

Micayla, who is a fifth-grade student at the Ashland District School, has been involved in fundraising activities throughout her already (accomplished) life. Thus far, upon her own initiation, Micayla has collected canned goods for Hurricane Katrina survivors, held bottle drives for cancer, and always uses her birthday money (in lieu of birthday gifts she requests cash to be used toward her charity donations) to help support local fundraisers she believes in. Most recently, Micayla donated the $107 she received for her birthday to help the Ashland Area PTO raise money for the new school playground. Insightful beyond her years, she realizes the benefits of helping others and how your good deeds come back to you. She is aware that she, too, will benefit from a new playground!
Because of her good deeds and dedication to things larger than herself, Micayla was awarded the very prestigious “Ashland Citizen of the Year” award during the Ashland Summer Fest. Micayla, who is modest and soft spoken, very humbly says she “didn’t expect it.” When I asked why, she said “because it’s just what I do.” Her mother, who is obviously very proud of her, beamed as her daughter talked with profound intention and sincerity about her activities and way of life. To her, giving to others and helping others just comes naturally. Micayla is the youngest person and the only child to ever receive this award. Quite an achievement for such a young lady who is bound to be a leader and giver to the world.
Like most kids her age, Micayla enjoys playing softball and soccer and spending time with her friends. She admits to encouraging her younger brother, Dane, 6, to do “good deeds” and to “help the earth” and also tells her cousins to “keep the world clean.” Words of wisdom we should all listen to and implement in our daily lives.
Micayla is currently collecting soda can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. The soda tab program helps to raise money for families with sick/cancer stricken children. Inspired by a friend she met at “Project Explorer” camp, Micayla felt driven to do something to try and help. When speaking about this, Micayla became very focused and well spoken. Her compassion and enthusiasm to make a difference for her friend and other children were palpable. How encouraging it is to see a young woman of her age already showing such strong character, confidence and passion. Though young in years, she is undeniably a commanding role model.
Micayla would “like to spread the word to others” asking for your help in the “simple” fundraising effort of collecting soda can tabs that can help so many children and their families. If you would like to collect and donate the tabs, you can contact the Driscolls at 435-6939.

Portage Lake crafter showcases her wares

On Saturday, Sept. 25, a Select Craft Fair took place in Van Buren. Crafters from Aroostook County and other towns throughout the state graced the Van Buren Community Center with unique items well worth the travel effort to one of our most northern towns. Visitors from as far away as Alabama received a warm welcome, exposure to Maine’s creative crafters, as well as a delicious lunch.
Portage Lake’s Frances Condon displayed her celebrated homemade condiments. As if jams and jellies weren’t enough, Frances also offered baked goodies including snacks, candies and fudge of which she offered the most delicious samples. Frances said she was 10 years old when she started cooking and attends up to six craft fairs per year.
Other displays varied from knitting and crocheted items, to rugs, mittens, photography, paintings, woodcrafts, tailored sewing and cookie houses. Van Buren Community Center was filled with crafters from as far as Hampden and Greenville. The event was sponsored by GO-Van Buren, which encourages events and activities to boost the confidence and enthusiasm of the community. More information may be found at

Ongoing events

The Ashland Area Senior Citizens group meets every Thursday at noon at the Ashland Recreational Center. Any senior citizens wishing to participate in the potluck lunches and meetings are always welcome to attend.
The Portage Lake Over 50’s Club lunch is held on the last Tuesday of every month at 11:30 a.m. at the Town Hall. All individuals 50 and over are invited to attend and can bring a potluck dish to share. For more information, contact Wilza Robertson at 435-6211 or Grace Nason at 435-6373.
The Red Hat Loonies of Portage Lake meet the second Thursday of every month at Dean’s Motor Lodge. Membership dues are $2. Come and have a great meal and a great time, too! For more information, contact Rachel Stevens at 435-635.

    Susan Feeney-Hopkins is the correspondent for Ashland, Portage Lake, Oxbow, Masardis, Garfield, Nashville Plantation and surrounding townships. She can be reached at 435-8232 or