Appreciates warm Aroostook welcome

13 years ago

To the editor:
    Over the Feb. 4-6 weekend my family traveled from Mount Desert to Presque Isle to see the the biathlon World Cup. It was a wonderful opportunity to see this world-class event, so close to home.
    What made the event much more memorable, however, was the commitment and attitude of the volunteers and the friendliness of all the people to whom we talked. There was a freshness about the volunteers which made one feel good. The school children never flagged in their enthusiasm to cheer on the competitors and the sheer fun in talking to local folks in the stands and their helpfulness, will be remembered long after the actual event fades in our memories.
    As one example, one of the youngest members in our group had not dressed appropriately. Shame on us for not supervising better. However, when this member wanted to leave because he was cold, some of the local teachers sitting around us came forward with offers of warm clothing and foot warmers which enabled us to stay for the second event that day.
    In these days when selfishness and indifference seem to be on the increase, what a pick up the folks from Aroostook provided. Three cheers for northern Maine.
Jacqueline and David Orsmond
Mount Desert