Wellington students learn about Mexico

13 years ago

    LITTLETON — Emily Lilley’s second grade class at Wellington School has been learning about a variety of foreign countries.
    They began an imaginary trip around the world in November. Their first destination was Plymouth, Massachusetts to learn about the Pilgrims, then on to Jamestown, Virginia to study about the settlement there. From the United States their journey took them to Europe, the Middle East, then to South America and ending their adventure in Mexico.
Photo by Karen Donato
BS-Customs-dcx-pt-7LEARNING ABOUT MEXICO — Second grade students in Emily Lilley’s class at Wellington School welcomed Paula Dahlk to their class recently. Dahlk grew up in Mexico and shared information with the students. From left in front, C.J. Violette, Damien Suitter, Cooper Foster, Leif Dahlk, Alyssa Drake and Justin Cook. Middle row, Bailie Melvin, Debbie Nichols, Hannah Foster, guest, David Dahlk and Haley Muncey. Back row, Logan Bowmaster, Meysha Dahlk and her mom, Paula.

    On the final day of their excursion they welcomed Leif and Meysha Dahlk’s mother, Paula to their class. Mrs. Dahlk grew up in Mexico and shared information with the students about Mexican customs and traditions. She especially spoke about the Christmas celebrations.
    Mrs. Dahlk brought in items from her native country that included; the Mexican flag, a poncho and a piñata. Mrs. Dahlk creates and sells custom made piñatas. She made one with the colors of the Mexican flag to leave with the class. She also made tamales for the children to try. This is a favorite Mexican food.