Leave Mainers’ benefits alone

13 years ago

To the editor:
I always looked forward to my retirement and using my Social Security and Medicare benefits. Like me, many Mainers rely on the earned benefits of Social Security and Medicare for their income and health care having paid into the system their entire working career. I never wanted to use Medicaid until I found out that it is the largest payer for long-term care when everything else is gone.
Maine has one of the largest populations of seniors and I have seen my friends and family spend down all of their resources who are then able to use Medicaid to cover long-term care expenses.
Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security directly affect the lives of Maine’s seniors in our communities during these tough economic times especially as we see the cost of living increasing. We need to remind our friends, neighbors, and Senators that these benefits need to be available for the people who have paid for them.
I urge Congress to look elsewhere to close the budget gap while leaving hard-earned benefits for seniors intact.  Let’s protect our senior population.

Suzanne McCaw
AARP Maine Executive Council