School News from Hodgdon

12 years ago

Hawks’ Nest
By Nannette Mills
    What an incredible winter season we have experienced at Hodgdon High School. We were so excited and proud to watch our Varsity Girls and Boys Basketball Teams reach the Bangor Auditorium for the first time since 2004, with the girls finishing as Eastern Maine Runner Up. The HHS Band Season was a success as well, as they supported our teams throughout the season and on to the Bangor Auditorium.
    Congratulations to our chorus and band students who were chosen to attend the All-Aroostook Band and Chorus Concert this year: Lilly McGuire, Dillon Meserve, Kayla Harris, Taylor Carpenter, and Nick Lunn.  Nick Lunn will also be attending the All-State Chorus Festival in May. The Spring Band and Chorus Concert is Wednesday, May 9, so come on out and support our talented students.  Students will be hitting the field for baseball and softball March 26. Let’s hope the weather stays as nice as it has been!
    The third quarter closes on Friday, March 30, so students and parents can continue to check grades and assignments at  This is an amazing resource as students and parents can keep updated on all grades, assignments, and upcoming events on a daily basis.  Teacher contacts are also available for parents and students to interact with the classroom teacher as much as is needed for student success.  The days of parents and students being uninformed are over, as the touch of a button reveals the daily life of the high school student.
    The 2012 Science Fair was held Thursday, March 22, in the Hodgdon High School Gymnasium. Chris Hudson received the Grand Award, Tyler Sherman and Erik Ryan received Awards of Excellence, Julien Cromwell, Macy Palmer, Valerie Estabrook, Kaitlyn Barton, and Courtney Jurson recieved Honorable Mention. A huge thank you to the organizers of this event: Mr. Nesbitt, Mrs. Lannon, and Ms.McCombs.
    Student- Led Conferences will be held Wednesday, April 11, for grades 9-11. At this time, the 10th grade students will be presenting the Sophomore Exhibitions to a parent/guardian, and each student in the school will share his/her portfolios they have been working on all year. The Senior Presentations will be taking place from Monday-Wednesday, April 9-11. Keep checking our web page at for a complete calendar of events and important information.

Hawks’ Eye
By Karen Sattler
    Things have been picking up speed here at Mill Pond School! Of course, the beautiful weather we’ve been experiencing has helped to pull many of us out of the winter doldrums…welcome spring!
    Third grade students in Tina Burrill and Cindy Floyd’s classes recently completed studying a series of stories centered on the Amazon rain forest. As a special treat, they had the opportunity to interview a rainforest forester via video conferencing. The forester, Jesse Studley is an employee of the Sewell Company in Old Town.  He has traveled to the Amazon several times. Mr. Studley answered questions from the students and related stories of his experiences in Central and South America.  Through this unit of study and the video chat, many students are now thinking forestry is a possible career choice for them.
    Mrs. Stephanie Harris has shared “The Hunger Games” with her seventh and eighth grade language arts classes. They finished just in time to travel to the Temple Theater to view the new movie as a group.  Wonder if the movie will live up to the book version?
    Mrs. Elizabeth Connors and Mrs. Maryann Sylvain’s middle school math classes celebrated with students across the nation on March 14, the unofficial holiday commemorating the mathematical constant  (pi), as voted on by the 2009 House of Representatives. The first calculation of pi was done by Archimedes of Syracuse (287-212 BC), one of the greatest mathematicians of the ancient world.
    Students’ desks were put into circles as they listened to a variety of songs about pi. They played Pi Jeopardy and were challenged to see how many decimal places out they could remember the representation.  Blake Woods impressed everyone with his recall of 96 decimal places out! And, what would a pi celebration be without edible examples of circles: pies, cookies, cakes! 
    The after school program will be offering a three-day certified course in babysitting on April 3-5.  Attendees will need to be present all three sessions to receive their certification. There will also be a course of First Aid and CPR offered on April 10th and 11th. Again, students must attend both sessions to receive their certification. There is no cost for either of these classes, but permission slip/contracts must be signed and returned to attend.  Times will be from 2:45 to 4:30 for both offerings.
    Our after school program has some exciting field trips planned for the near future. Keep an “eye” open for more news concerning our adventures!