Job Corps, Cary to host Medical Career Seminar

12 years ago

Loring Job Corps and Cary Medical Center will host a special Medical Career Seminar on Thursday, May 24 from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Caribou Inn and Convention Center. The seminar will highlight medical careers that are in high demand, including certified nurse’s assistant and medical administration. Organizers are encouraging young men and women between ages 16 and 24 to attend.

“Statistics for job placements in the medical industry are still strong and openings exist even in our current economy,” organizers said. “Certified Nurse’s Assistant and Medical Administration or otherwise known as medical office support are two technical training vocations that are in high demand locally.”

The Loring Job Corps Center (LJCC) offers both of these technical training vocations to students age 16 to 24 at no cost if qualification guidelines are met.

Jason Belanger, instructor in medical administration at LJCC, said that the medical office support career is vital to all medical facilities.

“The medical office support staff is ‘key’ to the day-to-day operation of the medical facility. The support staff are the first initial contact and often the final contact for medical patients,” said Belanger. “The medical office support vocational training program also includes billing and coding. This is an important part of the medical practice to verify that insurances and payments are being collected appropriately. The LJCC training program includes this coding and billing as one important part of the certification of medical administration.”

Student completion rate is the second highest at LJCC next to CNA, according to Belanger.

Loring Job Corps officials say there is also high demand for CNA’s.

CNA instructor at the LJCC and a registered nurse for over 32 years, Bernadine Muffler said that the certified nurse’s assistant plays a vital role on the health care team.

“As a registered nurse (RN) my job could never be completed without being assisted by my CNA’s. They are the other set of ears, eyes and observation person to compliment the RN on duty for the care of their patients,” she said, adding that there has always historically been a shortage of CNA’s in the medical industry.

Organizers are encouraging individuals ages 16–24 who would like to learn more about the CNA or medical support career training programs available at the Loring Job Corps Center to attend this free seminar on May 24 at the Caribou Inn and Convention Center from 4–6 p.m., where officials with the Cary Medical Center have teaming up with LJCC to promote the career fields.

Information will be available for offerings of potentially free technical training in the fields of medical administration and CNA vocations offered at LJCC. Representatives from both organizations will be available for questions during the seminar.