Squid Ink Jewelry, a lot of fun and always unique

12 years ago
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Aroostook Republican photo/Barb Scott
Katie Huntley, owner of Squid Ink Jewelry, provides a large variety of unique, handcrafted bead/stone and clay jewelry.

By Barbara Scott
Staff Writer

A unique piece of jewelry is always a treasure to find when looking for a gift for anyone — even one’s self. Jewelry is a very personal gift and often times shoppers are reluctant to purchase such an item, unless they are extremely sure of the other’s taste.

On the other hand, most ladies love any type of jewelry, especially if they know that it has its very own, one-of-a-kind design. That’s what you will see when you peruse Squid Ink Jewelry, designed and hand-crafted by Katie Huntley and her Dad Tory Farris.

“I always loved making jewelry, as a child,” stated Huntley, “and when I was 14, I apprenticed under Candy Leland, a jeweler in Abbot, Maine. It started out with myself and a group of others taking lessons from her, and I guess she knew that I was really serious about learning the art.”

Huntley has been creating her own beadwork and stone jewelry line for about 10 years now, and in the past six months has been crafting her clay line. She also works with real crystals, gold (yellow and white), sterling silver and copper.

A self-taught successful artist/sculptor in his own right, Farris works side-by-side with his daughter, molding and designing the clay pieces. Each piece of the clay jewelry is designed, molded, baked, glazed and painted, requiring on the average about a half an hour per item, much more if the piece is of a more intricate mold or design. “I like the creativity part of jewelry design,” said Ferris,  “ drawing everything to scale from dragonflies to beavers — I like the challenge.”

“When I was a little girl, my father called me ‘Squid,’” said Huntley, smiling, “so when it came time for me to decide on a name for my business, I knew I didn’t want to go with something like Katie’s Crafts or anything like that — I felt that Squid Ink was a perfect choice.”

Huntley also provides custom-made pieces. “If someone has a piece of jewelry that might be broken, such as an old brooch, or even an antique piece, we can press the item into the clay mold desired, creating a copy of the design or we can even mold the clay around a piece, bake and glaze and our customer would be able to have the original in a new setting, if you will, to wear,” she stated.

The array of styles available includes, earrings, necklaces, pins, hair-combs, rings, bracelets, even key rings and even zipper-pulls. Some of the popular earrings include photos of newborn babies, a perfect gift for any mom or grandmother.

The variety of colors Huntley uses in her bead/stone and clay work will accent any outfit and include fun pieces such as the ring with a ladybug sitting on top of a clay base, the blueberry bracelet to the subdued and very elegant calla lily pendant, to name only a few.

Squid Ink tries to purchase all materials from local or at least in-state vendors when at all possible, ‘We try to support local businesses the best we can,” stated Huntley.

Huntley encourages jewelry lovers to contact her to set up times to view her work. She also offers to host ( at no additional charge, providing the location would be within reason) a party at private homes, requiring only that a $50 total order be guaranteed and prefers a minimum of 10 but not more than 20 participants at any scheduled party.

“I will also be glad to bring my jewelry businesses during lunch hours or to special organized events.

Squid Ink jewelry ranges in prices from $5 and up depending on the piece and time invested in creating it. Special orders are always welcomed whether it’s for a pair of antique-looking earrings or something for a wedding or anniversary or birthday, such as the $350 bridal necklace Huntley crafted with Japan rice pearls and real crystals.  

For more information on Squid Ink Jewelry, to schedule an appointment or host a party contact Huntley at 999-2353 or go to squidinkjewelry@yahoo.com.