New Sweden Field Day fun

12 years ago
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Aroostook Republican photo/Natalie Bazinet
At right, Maggie Landeen tossed her water balloon toward the target while fellow Yellow Team members George Ferland and Emily Gendreau waited for their turn.

By Natalie Bazinet
Staff Writer

NEW SWEDEN — The New Sweden School’s been hosting their annual Field Day for as long as anyone at the school can remember, and it’s always been a big hit with the students.

This year, about 70 kids participated in the Olympic-themed Field Day, which featured a blindfolded obstacle course, a land luge race, a crab-walk sports game, pool-noodle javelin throw and even a laundry-hanging race.

Event organizer Katherine Doar, secretary of the New Sweden School, said that her favorite part of the day was seeing all the kids having a good time.

As students worked up an appetite whooping and cheering for their teammates while competing in the various events, lunch was a summer-friendly barbecue.

Even the weather was onboard with Field Day, serving up sunny skies with enough of a breeze to keep the black flies at bay.

All in all, most everyone had a memorable Field Day to reward students for their hard work all year and kick off the summer.

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Andrew Christie, at right, got his team off to a powerful start in the land luge event during New Sweden’s annual Field Day on June 1. From left, his teammates were Shane Furber, Alex Bouchard and Jacob Weymouth.
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Douglas Butterfield and fellow Red Team members aired their “dirty laundry” during New Sweden’s annual Field Day; one of many Field Day events, it was a race against the clock to dunk a New Sweden basketball jersey in a bucket of water and hang it out to dry on the volleyball net. Laura Weatherell watched her step as she beelined back to her team with the letter she found under a Frisbee during a word forming game.