Time to restore trust in government

12 years ago

Time to restore trust in government

To the editor:

    As a retired State employee, I feel betrayed by the Maine Legislative actions that have deprived retirees of future Cost Of Living Adjustments and other adjustments to our retirement plans.

State retirees fulfilled the obligations of their contracts trusting that the state would do the same. We must change the legislative climate in Augusta to restore the trust in Maine government to keep its promises to public employees, labor, and small businesses struggling to survive.

    The legislative adjustments made to finance tax cuts for the richest Mainers will impact our economic security for years to come and affect the whole economy that would have benefited from the spending of dollars now lost. We must not praise those who seem blind to the welfare of their constituents and who vote for the biggest corporate profit interests.

    I’m voting for Bob Saucier to represent District 5 in Presque Isle, the candidate who will work for our economic interests; for the interests of all retirees, workers, and small businesses; and for the restoration of trust in our Maine government to keep its promises.

Janet Snow

Presque Isle