Vikings earn County track titles

11 years ago
Staff photo/Kevin Sjoberg
    Limestone-MSSM’s Michaela Garrett prepares for a shot put attempt during last Tuesday’s Aroostook League Track and Field Championships, held in Presque Isle. Garrett placed in the event and also won the javelin during the competition.

By Kevin Sjoberg
Sports Reporter

    PRESQUE ISLE — Fort Fairfield’s Andrew Lewis broke two Aroostook County records, the Washburn girls’ 4×100-meter relay team established another and Caribou dominated in the team results at last Tuesday’s Aroostook League Track and Field Championships.
    Lewis and Washburn’s Carsyn Koch each took first place in four events, so Lewis won the Emery Plourde Award as the boys’ high scorer in the meet and Koch took the Howard Lello Award as the girls’ top scorer.

    Lewis, a senior, is the new record holder in the triple jump with his mark of 41 feet, 6-1/4 inches, as well as for the high jump at 6 feet, 2-1/2 inches. He also took first place in the shot put (40 feet, 4-1/2 inches) and the discus (134 feet, 8 inches).
    Koch joined relay teammates Kennedy Churchill, Joan Overman and Tyra Shaw to set a new County record at 54.67 seconds.

Staff photo/Kevin Sjoberg
    Fort Fairfield’s Andrew Lewis gets ready to throw the discus during last Tuesday’s Aroostook League Track and Field Championships held in Presque Isle. Lewis won all four events he participated in and broke two County records in the process.
Staff photo/Kevin Sjoberg
    Sarah Doak of the Vikes won the 1,600 and two other events at last Tuesday’s County Meet.
Staff photo/Kevin Sjoberg
    Caribou’s Grant Bennett gives it his all in the shot put during last Tuesday’s Aroostook League championship track and field meet. Bennett placed third in the shot and the discus and took first in the javelin.

    The Beaver junior also came in first place in the 100-meter dash (12.99 seconds), the 200-meter dash (27.13 seconds) and the high jump (5 feet).
    In the team results, the Caribou boys tallied 235-1/2 points to finish ahead of Presque Isle (146), Fort Fairfield (109), Limestone-MSSM (40-1/2) and Fort Kent (38) and win the title.
    The Viking girls posted 241 points to win with ease. Fort Fairfield was the runner-up with 104 and Presque Isle took third with 98. Washburn had 64, Fort Kent 42 and Limestone-MSSM 28.
    The top six in all of the individual events were as follows:
Girls results
    100-meter dash: first, Koch; second, Overman, 13.3; third, Olivia Sleeper, Caribou, 13.87; fourth, Sarah Owens, Fort Fairfield, 13.93; fifth, Janae Libby, Fort Fairfield, 13.97; and sixth, Reanna Plourde, Caribou, 14.1.
    200-meter dash: first, Koch; second, Mackenzie Deveau, Caribou, 29.12; third, Sleeper, 29.65; fourth, Gigi Witmer, Fort Kent, 30.56; fifth, Eileen Patton, Caribou, 30.65; and sixth, Nicole Giberson, Fort Fairfield, 30.66.
    400-meter dash: first, Sleeper, 1:06.4; second, Deveau, 1:06.82; third, Giberson, 1:08.48; fourth, Robyn Weyenouth, Fort Kent, 1:10.85; fifth, Jacqueline Lambert, Presque Isle, 1:12.91; and sixth, Witmer, 1:13.24.
    800-meter run: first, Sarah Doak, Caribou, 2:44.37; second, Alissa Randolph, Caribou, 2:53.89; third, Robyn Larrabee, Caribou, 2:54.03; fourth, Chelsea Haney, Caribou, 3:00.2; fifth, Elise Gudde, Caribou, 3:01.63; and sixth, Mandy Graham, Presque Isle, 3:01.77.
    1,600-meter run: first, Doak, 5:49.53; second, Chelsea Bard, Caribou, 5:59.11; third, Nerissa Larrabee, Caribou, 6:05.93; fourth, Kristin Macek, Caribou, 6:31.44; fifth, Graham, 6:35.8; and sixth, Jordan Tanguay, Fort Kent, 6:35.98.
    3,200-meter run: first, Bard, 12:52.44; second, N. Larrabee, 13:17.15; third, R. Larrabee, 13:33.47; fourth, Marianne Helton, Washburn, 15:01.33; fifth, Amanda Bennett, Presque Isle, 15:44.55; and sixth, Alexis McCrossin, Caribou, 15:57.27.
    100-meter hurdles: first, Samantha Simonds, Presque Isle, 18.44 seconds; second, Owens, 18.46; third, Tanguay, 19.34; fourth, Logan Bubar, Fort Fairfield, 19.44; fifth, Patton, 19.68; and sixth, Cameo Madore, Presque Isle, 19.76.
    300-meter hurdles: first, Libby, 54.79; second, Patton, 55.13; third, Tanguay, 55.89; fourth, Owens, 57.64; fifth, Chaya Karunasiri, Caribou, 58.95; and sixth, Sammy Camy, Caribou, 1:02.04.
    4×100-meter relay: first, Washburn, 54.67; second, Presque Isle A, 56.57; third, Caribou A, 56.85; fourth, Fort Fairfield, 57.92; fifth, Caribou C, 1:01.49; and sixth, Fort Kent, 1:04.6.
    4×400-meter relay: first, Caribou, 4:47.73; second, Fort Fairfield, 5:04.65; third, Presque Isle, 5:13.17; fourth, Limestone-MSSM, 5:15; and fifth, Fort Kent, 5:32.44.
    4×800-meter relay: first, Caribou, 11:555.51; second, Presque Isle, 12:05.44; and third, Fort Fairfield, 12:34.84.
    High jump: first, Koch; second, Overman, 4-8; third, Teresa Maynard, Fort Fairfield, 4-6; fourth, N. Larrabee, 4-6; fifth, Lambert, 4-4; and sixth, Weyeneth, 4-2.
    Pole vault: first, Libby, 6-6; second, Meredith Sleeper, Caribou, 6-0; third, Madison Shaw, Presque Isle, 5-6; and fourth, Shyla Bouchard, Fort Fairfield, 5-6.
    Long jump: first, Kaitlyn Ring, Caribou, 13 feet, 9-3/4; second, Hannah Hebert, Caribou, 13-6; third, O. Sleeper, 13 feet, 1/2 inch; fourth, T. Shaw, 12 feet, 2-3/4 inches; fifth, Maynard, 12 feet, 1/2 inch; and sixth, Cassidy Ouellette, Fort Kent, 11 feet, 6-3/4 inches.
    Triple jump: first, Hebert, 28-10; second, Doak, 28 feet, 7-1/2 inches; third, Ring, 27 feet, 11-1/2 inches; fourth, Abigail Harvey, Limestone-MSSM, 26 feet, 10-3/4 inches; fifth, Lillian Ashby, Fort Fairfield, 26 feet, 10-1/2 inches; and sixth, Maynard, 26 feet, 9-3/4 inches.
    Shot put: first, Regan Nelson, Presque Isle, 32-10; second, Faith Morneault, Fort Kent, 27 feet, 8-1/2 inches; third, Abbie Estey, Presque Isle, 27 feet, 3-1/4 inches; fourth, Madore, 26 feet, 5-1/4 inches; fifth, Michaela Garrett, Limestone-MSSM, 25-10; and sixth, Megan Jellison, Fort Fairfield, 24-9.
    Discus: first, Nelson, 91-8; second, Garrett, 79-8; third, Bubar, 76-7; fourth, Morneault, 75-4; fifth, Jellison, 74-10; and sixth, Bard, 71-2.
    Javelin: first, Garrett, 101-3; second, Giberson, 91-6; third, Jubilee MacLeod, Caribou, 82-8; fourth, Bubar, 81-7; fifth, Nelson, 78-6; and sixth, Jellison, 78-5.
    100-meter race walk: first, Bennett, 8:42.26; second, Bonnie Corey, Presque Isle, 9:00.95; third, Alissa Irving, Caribou, 9:29.49; fourth, Katie Finnemore, Caribou, 10:15.19; fifth, Emma Brickman, Fort Kent, 10:21.28; and sixth, Maura Freme, Caribou, 11:09.97.
Boys results
    100-meter dash: first, Michael Donovan, Presque Isle, 11.74; second, Caleb Daigle, Fort Fairfield, 11.74; third, Kameron Manter, Caribou, 12.01; fourth, Jeremy Gingrich, Presque Isle, 12.05; fifth (tie), Darren Newbegin, Caribou and Nathaniel Tucker, Limestone-MSSM, 12.51.
    200-meter dash: first, Daigle, 24.77; second, Donovan, 25.6; third, Manter, 25.81; fourth, Newbegin, 26.04; fifth, Grier Osterman, Limestone-MSSM, 26.16; and sixth, Sean Barbosa, Caribou, 26.29.
    400-meter dash: first, Daigle, 55.45; second, Barbosa, 57.42; third, Tucker, 57.67; fourth, Manter, 58.21; fifth, Donovan, 58.43; and sixth, Alex Losieniecki, Caribou, 59.77.
    400-meter run, wheelchair: first, Robbie Hebert, Fort Kent, 2:55.49.
    800-meter run: first, Ron Lund, Caribou, 2:19.39; second, Lucas Kinney, Caribou,  2:20.98; third, Losieniecki, 2:23.27; fourth, Keith Draper, Caribou, 2:27.59; fifth, Austin Albert, Presque Isle, 2:28.98; and sixth, Lance McKenney, Fort Fairfield, 2:33.26.
    1,600-meter run: first, Matt Toussaint, Fort Kent, 4:49.97; second, Lund, 4:57.33; third, Kinney, 5:02.75; fourth, Sam Ouellette, Fort Kent, 5:06.79; fifth, Dustin Drabek, Presque Isle, 5:23.07; and sixth, Trevor Levesque, Presque Isle, 5:24.2.
    3,200-meter run: first, Toussaint, 10:53.32; second, Lund, 11:04.27; third, Kinney, 11:13.4; fourth, Ouellette, 11:15.94; fifth, Levesque, 11:48.79; and sixth, Drabek, 11:49.43.
    110-meter hurdles: first, Gabe Player, Presque Isle, 17.18; second, Brendan Wood, Caribou, 17.18; third, Vince Campbell, Fort Fairfield, 20.68; fourth, Lucas Lagasse, Caribou, 21.04; fifth, Parker Lambert, Presque Isle, 21.08; and sixth, Tyler Strid, Caribou, 21.26.
    300-meter hurdles: first, Wood, 45.79; second, Osterman, 46.96; third, Player, 47.9; fourth, Campbell, 51.98; fifth, Strid, 55.7; and sixth, Jared Michaud, Fort Kent, 55.81.
    4×100-meter relay: first, Caribou A, 50.62; second, Presque Isle A, 52.01; third, Caribou B, 58.24; fourth, Presque Isle B, 59.48; and fifth, Caribou C, 1:03.11.
    4×400-meter relay: first, Caribou A, 4:00.08; second, Limestone-MSSM, 4:13.43; third, Fort Kent, 4:19.8; fourth, Presque Isle, 4:20.35; fifth, Caribou B, 4:32.07; and sixth, Fort Fairfield, 4:53.62.
    4×800-meter relay: first, Caribou, 9:49.04; second, Presque Isle, 9:56.09; and third, Fort Fairfield, 9:58.41.
    High jump: first, Lewis; second, Mitchell Ayotte, Presque Isle, 5-8; third, Andrew Shade, Limestone-MSSM, 5-6; fourth, Noah Bernard, Fort Fairfield, 5-4; fifth, Connor Murchison, Presque Isle, 5-2; and sixth, Kyle MacCallum, Presque Isle, 5-0.
    Pole vault: first, Donovan, 10-0; second, MacCallum, 9-0; third, Matt Tilley, Presque Isle, 9-0; fourth, Barbosa, 8-6; fifth, Ayotte, 8-0; and sixth, Jacob Bither, Caribou, 8-0.
    Long jump: first, Ayotte, 18-8; second, Wood, 17 feet, 10-1/2 inches; third, Newbegin, 17-10; fourth, Losieniecki, 17 feet, 2-3/4 inches; fifth, Gingrich, 16 feet, 6-1/2 inches; and sixth, Shade, 16 feet, 3-1/2 inches.
    Triple jump: first, Lewis; second, Wood, 37 feet, 4-1/2 inches; third, Ayotte, 36-7; fourth, Osterman, 36 feet, 1/2 inch; fifth, Campbell, 35 feet, 4-1/2 inches; and Robbie Watson, Fort Fairfield, 33-9.
    Shot put, wheelchair: first, Hebert, 10 feet, 3-1/4 inches.
    Shot put: first, Lewis; second, Keeghan Lowe, Presque Isle, 38-4; third, Grant Bennett, Caribou, 37-10; fourth, Cody Flannery, Presque Isle, 37-2; fifth, Bither, 33 feet, 1/2 inch; and sixth, Brandon York, Fort Fairfield, 31 feet, 7-3/4 inches.
    Discus: first, Lewis; second, Daigle, 118-11; third, Bennett, 116-1; fourth, Watson, 97-4; fifth, Bernard, 95-3; and sixth, Flannery, 93-2.
    Javelin: first, Bennett, 143-9; second, Bither, 112; third, Strid, 108-9; fourth, Tilley, 113-8; fifth, Curtis Pahel, Limestone-MSSM, 102-5; and sixth, Flannery, 100-3.
    100-meter race walk: first, Mitchell St. Peter, Caribou, 8:17.23; second, Strid, 9:15.98; third, Austin Griffeth, Caribou, 9:16.5; fourth, Draper, 9:31.54; fifth, Lagasse, 9:34; and sixth, James Churchill, Presque Isle, 9:34.27.