Easton Junior-Senior High School second quarter honor rolls 2013/2014

10 years ago

 GRADE 7: High honors: Isaac Currier. Honors: Olivia Lamoreau.
GRADE 8: Highest honors:: Paige Flewelling, Autumn Gray, Isabelle Morin and Katelyn White. High honors: Delia Bonner and Matthew Poole. Honors: Collin Sotomayor and Ryan West.
GRADE 9: Highest honors:: Elise Allen, Hunter Brown, Breann Clayton, Abigail Currier and Jacob Flewelling.
GRADE 10: Highest honors:: Emma Bonner, Blake Bradley and Logan Halvorson. High honors: Drew Sotomayor. Honors: Jason Gurley.
GRADE 11: Highest honors:: Alexandra Allen, Kerrigan Arnett, Nicholas Clark, Cody Embelton, Kelsey Frank, Cody Halvorson, Ashley Hersey, Madison Leach, Madison Shaw, Abigail Thompson, Kalie Ward and Kristen West. High honors: Taylor Brown, Kylee Carter and Nichole Dudley. Honors: Connor Burtt and Brian Corbin.
GRADE 12: Highest honors: Haley Ambrose, Cassandra Buck, Colby Pangburn, Joshuah Salkind and Hunter Turner. Honors: Katelyn Tompkins.