Oakfield Senior Citizens

10 years ago

The Senior Citizens met on Nov. 19 at the snow-sled clubhouse with 25 members present.
A potluck dinner was enjoyed by all. Don Marley blessed the meal, then after lunch the Lord’s Prayer and Flag Salute were recited.

Cards were sent to several people who are ill.
Those who have signed up for fourth-grade pen pals have already received their first letter and enjoyed hearing from their pen pals.
A sign-up sheet was passed around for the Christmas dinner. At that time everyone voted to have a Yankee swap as it is always good for a laugh, and also songs will be played.
Bonnie Pratt brought some information pamphlets on safety for the seniors. Donald Marley gave a quiz; all failed badly with lots of laughter.
A number of dates were given for all the craft fairs in the area for Nov. 28-29, and Oakfield’s was to be Nov. 22 from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Those attending were George Barrows, Tessie Barrett, Geneva Bell, Sharon Anderson, Kathleen Boutilier, David Burpee, Bernice Campbell, Earl and Lottie Doughty, Bill Dill, Thelma Flowers, Arlene Friel, Nanci Fowler, Donna Furrow, Gloria Noyes, Marie Gillotti, Sandra Holmes, Mary Lawler, Robert and Delores Locke, Bonnie Pratt, Donald and Charlotte Marley, Iona Nadeau, Juanita Wiggins and Wanetta Townsend.