TOPS group meets

10 years ago

Take Off Pounds Sensibly Chapter 0233 of Houlton met Friday, November 21 for their weekly meeting at the Aldergate building on High Street. Ten TOPS ladies plus two KOPS (Keep Pounds Off Sensibly) were weighed. The attendance was small for various reasons.

Betty Wyman led the meeting. Betty Wyman took the skinny dish home and the 50/50 drawing went to Cleo Joslyn. Sarah Smith, our health food coordinator, supervised the program, always interesting. For those who want to jot down the date of TOPS Christmas party, it is Dec. 12. If you need more information about the chapter you may call Betty Ivey at 532-9653 or Charlotte Marley at 757-8483. Chapter 0233 meets every Friday morning for weigh-in at 8-8:45 a.m. and the meeting is generally started at 9 a.m., lasting about an hour. Come, enjoy and learn to lessen your weight.