ACAP receives $10,000 from Machias Savings Bank

10 years ago

    Officials with Aroostook County Action Program, Inc. are delighted to announce that the agency has received a $10,000 Community Development Grant from Machias Savings Bank to fund an employment training program for at-risk youth in Aroostook County.

    “These funds will increase the number of opportunities for at-risk youth preparing to graduate from Carleton Project,” explained Torry Eaton, senior manager of ACAP Employment and Training. “The students will be matched with a local employer to develop skills training and will be provided a stipend for hours worked. As a result, both the youth and the Aroostook County employers offering the training will have a stronger commitment to success and ideally, long-term employment for the young person. We are very grateful for this generous gift.”
    “Carleton Project has a long history of providing services for at-risk youth in Aroostook County and a longstanding relationship with ACAP,” said Alan Morris, president of the Carleton Project. “Each student must document 200 hours of work experience as a graduation requirement. This has been more difficult since 2008 when funding for these types of school partnerships ceased. An opportunity to reunite this partnership will not only benefit kids, but also serve to cultivate local business partnerships that will also benefit them in addition to the student. Helping kids re-connect with their communities is our business and work is an important part of that.”
    Youth are referred from the Carleton Project and assigned to an ACAP job counselor. The job counselor assists them with the planning, implementation and evaluation of their goals. A series of assessments provide helpful guidance and include academic and occupational skills, interests, aptitudes, as well as developmental and supportive service needs.
    Youth are encouraged to make positive choices in evaluating, selecting, and developing their options.  Once a plan of action is in place, the young person, with support from their job counselor, will approach employers that most closely match their interests and career aspirations. They will request an opportunity to receive skills training for a set period of time.
    For more information about this program or youth employment training opportunities in general, contact Eaton at 764-3721.