Festival of Trees fundraiser is success for SACAP, Health Services Foundation

9 years ago

HOULTON, Maine — The Health Services Foundation recently joined in a partnership with SACAP (Southern Aroostook Cultural Arts Project) to hold the second annual Festival of Trees where the trees were showcased at Houlton Regional Hospital and Visions Gallery, on Main Street.

“We found this event was really enjoyed by a great many that came to the hospital and Visions Gallery, to look at the lovely trees made possible by our generous donors,” said Elizabeth Dulin, executive director of HSF. “Even though we only had two weeks from start to drawing date, a rather wonderful return of over $1,717 was to be had and will be shared by each organization. It was a new adventure to help raise money for Houlton Regional and a repeat success for SACAP and the local art community.
Dulin added both organizations were grateful to the many groups who donated decorated trees to be raffled off.
Winners of the trees were: Dr. John Older and Gwen Jones, “A Blue Moose Christmas” tree; Alison Bossie, “Boy Scouts” tree; Bart Peters, Chester M. Kearney’s “Candyland Christmas” tree; Greg and Kadin Huntley, “Chocolate Santa from Uncle Willy’s” tree; Jessie Drysdale, East Grand Health Center, “Homemade for the Holidays” tree; Riley Fitzpatrick, Dot Fitzpatrick’s “Pet Tree”; Cindy Floyd, Smith and Wesson’s “Happy Christmas” tree; Arlene Edgar, “TD Bank Christmas” tree; Brenda McLaughlin, The Horn Restaurant’s “Restaurant Theme” tree; and Damien Sullivan, SACAP’s “Artist’s Tree.”
“Being in Visions and seeing the eager faces come through the door with comments like, ‘We’re here for the trees,’ sure brought a smile to the faces of those of us at SACAP,” said Treasurer Leigh Griffth. “Many people also marveled at the size and weight of the Chocolate Santa. We hope that next year we will have an even greater participation by donors of trees to make a truly sensational display. We would like to have at least 10 trees in Visions alone.”
“There is a story to the first drawing of “Candyland Christmas” being that Mike Tuttle of New Gloucester was the name drawn,” Dulin said. “Mike and his wife Carolyn are the great folks who bring to Houlton Regional ‘Books are Fun’ several times a year. Mike was called right away and generously donated the tree back in order that we could do a second draw. Needless to say Bart Peters ended up being one happy person as a result of that.
“We know all our winners were very happy and once again, we cannot thank everyone enough who participated to make this event such a fun time,” she added. “Organizations working together do make things happen and everyone benefits.”
For further information regarding SACAP call Visions Gallery at 532-9119, or visit their website at www.sacap.us. For the Foundation, call 521-2147 or visit their website at www.healthservicesfoundation.org.