Community helpers pay visit to playgroup at Presque Isle tech center

9 years ago

The Presque Isle Regional Career and Technical Center (PIRCTC) Playgroup wrapped up its year learning about various community helpers.

Firefighters Vince Baldwin and Tim Browning visited to show the children the equipment that they wear to protect themselves and discussed what to do if firemen came to their homes.
They also taught the children “Stop, Drop and Roll” and showed the students the equipment on the fire truck.
Police Officer Chris Hayes came in to the playgroup to show the children police uniforms and equipment and to discuss how police officers help to keep us safe.
The children enjoyed seeing all the equipment in the police car and being allowed to turn on the flashing lights, but ears were covered when the siren was on.
Anne Chapman from ACAP Oral Health brought her puppets in to help teach the children the proper way to brush their teeth. They enjoyed learning how to care of their oral health and what to expect when they visit the dentist.
Marie Robinson, a registered nurse, gave the students lessons on proper hand washing. She had three lessons for the children to help them stay safe and healthy before having them each listen to their heartbeats with her special frog stethoscope.
The playgroup is a learning lab for the PIRCTC early childhood education class. It consists of children, between the ages of 2-1/2 and 4 from the local communities.
Playgroup meets twice a week from late October through the end of May, providing an opportunity for children to meet, play, explore and follow a routine similar to pre-school.