Sunday sales petition moving forward

9 years ago

To the editor :

This letter is an update for Houlton registered voters who favor Sunday beer and wine sales in, our town. A citizen petition committee was formed at the beginning of the summer to circulate the petition and collect the required number of signatures to put this request before the voters.  It was the committee’s intent to have this task completed in time to have it included on the November 3 ballot.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. On September 14, the November ballot deadline date, we were just shy of the required number of signatures.

All is not lost.  The petition group remains committed to see this through and will continue to solicit signatures. We have up to a year from the date of requesting the petition to collect the needed number of names.  This just means we’ll have to wait until the school budget referendum election in the spring in order to bring this issue to the voters.

You can help move this forward by agreeing to sign the petition.  Look for us at the Gentle Memorial Building on November 3.  We’ll have a table there with a petition for you to sign.  Or you can contact me at 532-5538.  I’ll be happy to make arrangements to get a petition to you.

For those of you who have already signed the petition, thanks so much for your support!  Rest assured your signatures are still valid and have been included in the count for the required number of names.  

Sue Tortello