Remembering a servant of the Lord

9 years ago

To the editor:

In a recent copy of the Pioneer Times I observed the obituary of a gentlemen who in years past had a profound impact on the spiritual life of not only his congregation, but many individuals and families of the greater Houlton area.

The Reverend Daniel Evans, along with his gracious wife Loretta, had a gentle but effective ministry of preaching the Word of God, sharing timely and powerful Christian counsel, and administering practical leadership of his congregation, The Christian and Missionary Alliance Church. While I had the privilege of serving the people of Houlton through The Salvation Army for a number of years (1968-75) alongside Pastor Evans, I found him always to be a trusted friend and ‘Brother in the Faith.’ A number of other fellow pastors would consult him for confidential and practical advice.

I felt compelled to take special note of this precious former pastor and express my joy with the many in the Houlton area in recognizing such a wonderful man of God and thanking our Lord for the privilege of having known him.

Praying for every success in your service to the Houlton area.

Walter J. Thompson

Retired Pastor

Greenville, Tenn.