Reno’s Family Restaurant struck by car

7 years ago

CARIBOU, Maine — An entrance to Reno’s Family Restaurant remains boarded up after a car struck the building on Sunday morning. 

Joann Blackstone, 60, of Caribou pulled into the restaurant parking lot at roughly 11:40 a.m. on July 16, according to the Caribou Police Department, and failed to stop. Her 2013 Ford SUV collided with the building, shattering glass in one of the doors.

The SUV sustained significant damage, but Blackstone was not injured, police said. Restaurant patrons and staff also were not injured.

Nelson Corriveau, one of the restaurant owners, said the eatery did not close after the incident, adding that “everything was cleaned up in about 25 minutes.”

“We were fortunate enough to keep on operating,” Corriveau said. “We cleaned up the mess and never missed a beat.”

Corriveau said the collision “scared everyone in the building,” and that “when the glass blew in the door, it sounded like a small explosion.”

The restaurateur said local police and fire departments were “quick to respond.”

“Thank God nobody was close to the doors,” Corriveau said. “That’s the important part.”

The damaged door into the restaurant was boarded up Monday and customers were redirected to another entrance.

As of Monday, police continued investigating the cause of the accident.