Ark Animal Sanctuary (week of July 25, 2018)

A few weeks ago we took in a small orange and white kitten. He is what we call a “Manx,” meaning he has no tail.  It is common in many Manx because they have no tail there is nerve damage and the cats have a problem going to the bathroom. The kitten, whom we have decided to call “Lucky,” was an owner surrender.  Lucky is approximately 12 weeks old and his previous owners were not able to provide the medical care and attention that he needed.

The day Lucky came to the Ark his hind end was so badly infected that the smell was horrible and it looked very painful.  We also noticed that Lucky was walking funny which concerned us. Lucky was taken immediately to the vet where he was thoroughly examined and yes it was determined he had Manx syndrome and because he had such a severe infection his genitals had actually rotted and fell off. His back legs were both deformed and he was walking on his hocks instead of the pads of his feet.  Because he was walking on his hocks he had sores on them.

After a lengthy discussion with the vet we asked what Lucky’s options were, if we did nothing he would die. The vet said there was a surgery which would create a hole that would enable Lucky to urinate and allow him to live comfortably.  But Lucky would never be a normal kitty he still had the nerve damage which meant he didn’t know when he was pooping and that we would have to express his bladder a few times a day. We took a vote and the decision was unanimous help Lucky. So we did just that, Lucky had surgery the day he arrived at the vet and all went well.

Lucky stayed at the vet for about three weeks, the infection cleared up, the smell was gone and Lucky was healing wonderfully. He was eating and playing just like a normal kitten. Bandages were put on his hocks to help with the healing process.  Lucky came back home to The Ark this week and is doing wonderfully. He is in a room with 3 other kittens and they play hard and even though he isn’t a normal kitty he acts like one. Yes he leaves us little presents here and there but that is okay.  He gets a mini bath morning and night, and he gets his bladder expressed twice a day all of which he doesn’t mind.

Lucky doesn’t know he is different he thinks that he is perfectly normal. He is full of life and energy and every day is a blessing because he gets to be kitten and live life. I know some might think that we have taken things to an extreme with Lucky, but in our minds this kitty was brought into the world and he deserves a chance at life.  After every thing thing this tiny guy has been through he deserves whatever help we can give him. We owe him that much.

Thank you to Lucky’s owners for loving him enough to let him go and get the help that he so deserves.  We know it was not an easy decision

We are doing a couple of fundraiser’s in an effort to help with Lucky’s vet bills. We are selling t-shirts for $20 at The Hollywood pet Salon as well as at the sanctuary.

Also on Saturday, July 28, we will be selling pies for $15. We have a choice of raspberry, blueberry, apple,pumpkin, strawberry and coconut creme.  You can call in orders to Lorraine at The Hollywood pet Salon at 532-7387 for specific requests or we will have some on hand that day All pies must be picked up by noon time that day at The Hollywood pet Salon.

To contact the Ark, call 532-7387, check out their Facebook page or visit

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