Caribou area From our Files (week of September 26, 2018)

6 years ago

115 Years Ago – Sept. 29,  1903

Prized acre C.E. Wilkins of Maysville has what might be considered the “prize acre” in the potato line this year.  From a measured acre he dug 161.5 barrels of potatoes with but very few rotten ones among them. The rest of his plan is yielding about the same amount.

Low The water is as low at this time of year as perhaps was ever known.  It is reported that one of two starch factories in New Sweden have been obliged to shut down because there is not enough water to wash the potatoes with.

100 Years Ago – Oct. 2, 1918

Detention Principal A.W. Boston of the Caribou High School and Superintendent C.A. Grant of the Caribou-Limestone school district were in Fort Fairfield a few days ago to see what could be done about the detention in this part of the country to the teaching of agriculture in the high schools.

75 Years Ago – Sept. 29, 1943

Defer opening — A public meeting will be held Monday evening at 7:30 p.m. at the Caribou High School to discuss with state officials the need of postponing the opening of school from Oct. 11 to Oct. 18.  Farmers of this area who believe there is a need for such a postponement should attend this meeting in a good number to indicate the urgency to state officials. According to state law, 180 days of school must be held previous to July 1.

Women’s shop — A new chain specialty store, “The Women’s Shop,” opened its doors to Caribou shoppers this past week in the quarters formerly occupied by Johnston’s Jewelry store on Sweden Street.  Management of the new Caribou business organization claims to deal in exclusive and nationally advertised women’s apparel.

50 Years Ago – Oct. 2, 1968

No Crime — Caribou police are looking for a teenager.  Not that he has committed any crime. All police know about him is that he is probably 15 years old.  He spent some hard-earned potato picking money for a pair of $10 shoes and two pair of pants, possibly for his little brother.  After inquiring at several stores, they finally found the one that could identify the price tags and carried that particular brand of shoes.  A saleslady recalled that a young boy had purchased them from her. He was probably 14 or 15 years old, she said. The brown paper bag and its contents may be claimed at the police station, they say.

What next? Missing from the Morgan Funeral Home in Caribou one morning was the establishment’s funeral home sign which, the day before, had a been attached to a post with a light at the top.  The sign is described as so heavy that it could not be carried away by a youngster, and the Morgans are wondering what the thief will do with it — unless he “undertakes” to do business.  Owners place the value of the fluorescent sign at $300.

25 Years Ago – Sept. 29, 1993

Award winning The Aroostook Republican and News received 14 awards, including five for first place at the Maine Press Association’s 1993 annual fall conference held in Boothbay Harbor this weekend.  Brenda Ketch, community editor, George Chappell, editor and Laura Ruel, reporter, won first-place honors. Ketch received two first-place awards in photography under general news and people categories.  She also placed third in the people category and second in the feature category.

Projectile A New Sweden Elementary School student was injured slightly Monday, Sept. 27, when a projectile shattered the window where she was sitting while riding the bus home from a track meet in Caribou.  According to bus driver Brian Pelletier, between the Brown and Colby roads, a projectile struck midway on the driver’s side and shattered the window. Pelletier said the girl was turned talking to a student behind her and had her arm resting on the glass.  He heard her cry out “that hurt,” as the glass shattered. Through frightened, she received only a bruise.