8 Thanksgiving recipes that aren’t turkey

6 years ago

Thanksgiving is just two days away. That means it’s time to make your last-minute runs to the grocery store before everything you need is sold out. Assuming you already have plans for your turkey (or Tofurky for the vegetarians among us), here are eight side dishes and desserts to complete your Thanksgiving table.

Cranberry quick bread

Sarah Walker Caron | BDN
Cranberry Quick Bread

This one’s for all those eleventh hour bakers who are just a little bit panicked about what to bring to Thanksgiving dinner. This quick bread is just that, quick and easy. With just nine ingredients, most of the time it takes to complete is dedicated toward baking, not prep. It’s even better if you have extra cranberries on hand from making cranberry sauce. Get the recipe here.

Baked sweet potatoes with crispy pancetta veggie topping

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Baked Sweet Potatoes with Crispy Pancetta Veggie Topping

Mashed potatoes are a creamy Thanksgiving staple, but most people already have that recipe perfected. Instead, switch it up this year and add these baked sweet potatoes to the spread. Shallots, green peppers, carrots and pancetta combine to add some salt to the sweet and starchy potato. This flavorful side is one that will have all your guests singing your praises. Get the recipe here.

Buttery, crumbly cornbread

Sarah Walker Caron | BDN
Buttery, Crumbly Cornbread

Forget the dinner rolls and opt for buttery cornbread instead. After just 20 minutes of baking, this sweet and crumbly bread is ready to hit the table and impress everyone. Feel free to bake this ahead, but it’s even better straight out of the oven. Serve with gravy, butter or seasonal jam, or save it for the weekend after and enjoy with a big bowl of soup. Get the recipe here.

Herbed roasted mushrooms

Sarah Walker Caron | BDN
Herbed Roasted Mushrooms

If you have vegetarians or vegans coming to your Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll want to add this simple side to this mix. Toss cremini mushrooms with olive oil and spices before baking them until they’re nice and tender. The savory flavor and meaty texture of the creminis will satisfy carnivores and herbivores alike. Get the recipe here.

Cranberry apple sauce

Brian Feulner | BDN
Cranberry Apple Sauce

No Thanksgiving is complete without the oft-underappreciated cranberry sauce. For those who don’t prefer theirs out of the can, try this autumn-inspired take on homemade cranberry sauce. The addition of apples in this straightforward sauce offsets the tangy (and sometimes bitter) flavor that cranberries bring to the dish. This simple and fresh recipe will soon become your family’s favorite. Get the recipe here.

Roasted butternut squash with red onions

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Roasted Butternut Squash with Red Onions

Opposites attract to create this savory side. Believe it or not, you only need five ingredients to make this dish where the veggies are the star of the show. Cook the onions and squash for a while to get the best flavors to develop. Get the recipe here.

Apple cobbler

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Apple Cobbler

Apple-based desserts are a classic addition to any Thanksgiving dessert table. If you have an excess of apples from pick-your-own season, this is the perfect use for them. Otherwise, farmers market finds or straight from the store works, too. Chopped apples plus brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg create a sweet and hearty filling, and a flakey biscuit layer tops it off. Serve warm with ice cream or whipped cream. Get the recipe here.

Cinnamon zucchini bread

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Cinnamon Zucchini Bread