TOPS new (November 21, 2018)

6 years ago

Friday again and our TOPS chapter met at the Aldergate Building. I think we all look forward to getting together for some pep talk and the encouragement we don’t get at home.

There were eight TOPS and four KOPS members present. Marsha Reed was the loser of the week and Millie was the runner-up. Great job ladies. Charlotte Marley won the skinny dish, Jean Merritt won the 50/50 and the Health Basket was won by Cheryl Driscoll.

Even with winter coming on, our basket is overflowing with ” healthy food choices.” Just taking a sentence to say thank you for your contribution; what fun.

Pam Richardson presented the program on “Words of Royal Wisdom,” written by kings and queens of TOPS who have become KOPS –10 different thoughts of people who have entered and embraced an entire life change. They have lost weight, left behind hurting aches and pains and decreased medications. We can do the same. Start with one small step and with goals for the future week, then month, and onward to “the new me.”

Call me, Pam Richardson, at 538-8760 for more information or directions to our meetings. Come join us.