Family adopts last of three feline siblings

6 years ago

CARIBOU, Maine — This Thanksgiving will be very special for a cat named Martha Stewart this year.

The last of a feral cat colony trapped from Veronica Street in Caribou, Martha had said “goodbye” to siblings Veronica and Betty just a few weeks ago when they went to a new home.

According to Norma Milton, executive director of Halfway Home Pet Rescue in Caribou, when the litter of three was first trapped in 2015, 5-month-old Martha was the protector of her sisters and other young colony felines. Much like their mother, when foster home volunteers would approach, Martha would cuddle all the youngsters behind her, lifting her fur to make herself look bigger and more fierce to the “dreaded” human being.

For three and a half years, HHPR searched for the right person to provide a permanent home environment for the siblings, and Veronica and Betty recently left together. Later, realizing that Martha was mourning the absence of her sisters, Danny Steeves returned to the HHPR Adoption Center, offering to take Martha home to her sisters.

HHPR volunteers Donna Staples, Nickie Soucy and Chris Pinette were on hand to wish Martha farewell. A happy reunion followed for the siblings at their new home with the Steeves family, and it is likely that choice bits of turkey will be shared by all come Thanksgiving Day.

“Halfway Home Pet Rescue volunteers wish a great holiday season to the people of this area,” said Milton, “and ask only that you share food and a warm shelter to any animal at risk of cold and hunger.