Interesting new fundraiser raises big money

Gloria Towle & Hollie Gowen, Special to The County
5 years ago

On the Friday following Thanksgiving, members of CrossFit Presque Isle took on a burpee challenge that raised more than $2,000 for the shelter.  Members got friends and family far and wide to sponsor each burpee they did in seven straight minutes. Pledges ranged from 10 cents up to $2 per burpee.  Huber Engineered Woods in Easton got in on the action by sponsoring 25 cents per burpee for each member participating, up to $500.

For those unfamiliar with the burpee, it is a full-body exercise where you begin standing then squat down and jump your feet out behind you, lowering chest and thighs to the floor before pushing back up, jumping feet in and returning to standing, finishing with a jump at the top.  Burpees are an exercise that CrossFitters love to hate.

“Burpees seem easy in theory.  You basically throw yourself on the ground and get back up,” said Brad Wolverton, who has been doing CrossFit for two years. “But they burn you out so fast that it really becomes a mental challenge to keep going.  That’s why programming this workout as a fundraiser was so great. You felt like you had to keep going because it was all for a greater cause than your own fitness. The animals were counting on us.”

Twenty-five members participated at CrossFit, while two more did the workout on video while out of town.  The most burpees done by one person in the seven minutes was 105. Two other members cracked the 100-burpee mark and many others were in the 80s and 90s.  In total, the group churned out well over 2,000 burpees, which was the magic number to get the full amount offered by Huber Engineered Woods.

In addition to that company’s $500 donation, people who’d sponsored members brought in cash and checks while those farther afield — as far away as Chicago and even Stuttgart, Germany — made donations via the shelter’s PayPal. The shelter has a link on their Facebook page for those individuals that like the convenience of just clicking on our “Donate” button and making a contribution to support the animals.

Nate Berry, one of the owners of CrossFit Presque Isle, said the group was happy to be able to help the humane society care for animals in need.  He noted that many of the members are cat and dog owners, so they loved the idea… even if they didn’t love all the burpees.

We truly do appreciate the efforts of all the CrossFit individuals who spent an intense seven minutes grueling over an endless amount of burpees. You guys are amazing.

Just a reminder that with all the snow and cold, please keep your pets inside where it’s warm and safe.  Please be responsible, spay and neuter your pets.