Tucker finds a home

5 years ago

HOULTON, Maine — First and foremost we would like to thank everyone who came forward to help support a sweet dog named Tucker. From the people who made aprons and teddy bears, as well as earrings and baked for our bake sale and the Italian dinner.  You are all amazing.

Thank you to those who made online donations and for those who purchased items in support of Tucker. It is amazing how one sweet dog can bring so many people together.   Thank you Helena for donating your commission from the “31 fundraiser,” which runs until the end of the month. With everyone’s help we have raised more than enough to take care of his medical expenses.

Everyone fell in love with this sweet dog from the time they read his story. While the circumstances that surround his injuries are still somewhat of a mystery, the one thing that is not a mystery is Tucker’s life going forward. He has already proven he is a survivor and despite his circumstance, he is a very loving and trusting dog. We want nothing but good things from here on out for Tucker.

Tucker is currently still on two medications and this week he will be neutered and microchipped. Once he is completely healed, Tucker has a new home.  Because of the circumstances that surround his injuries Tucker will be adopted out of state and for his protection he will go to an undisclosed location. We feel that this is the best thing for Tucker.

Though we are all going to miss him we know he will be safe and well taken care of.   One of the volunteers bought Tucker a new L.L. Bean dog bed with a matching blanket with his name monogrammed on both.  He also has a toy box filled with toys and a new set of dishes that will go with him. Most importantly a new collar with a name tag on it.

To say that we have fallen love with this dog is an understatement and I believe that the feeling is mutual on Tucker’s part.  At the beginning of this whole process poor Tucker was on multiple medications to help get him through this whole ordeal. He was sedated a few times a week to have his wounds cleaned and bandages changed.

But through all of this he remained a very sweet dog. I think he knew we were all trying to help him. Tucker pretty much lived at the vet clinic for three weeks and he has a whole other fan club there.

Tucker may not grow the fur back on his head but that is OK. His scars speak to his character and they define who he is — one very sweet dog with an incredible will to live. We are all blessed to have been able to help him. He has touched our hearts and we never forget him.

One last note,  Tucker’s rescue would not have been possible without the very kind lady that stopped that morning when she saw him lying on the side of the road. She is an amazing person with a heart of gold and that morning she was Tucker’s guardian angel. The world needs more people like her in it. She did not even hesitate. She just did what needed to be done and she saved Tucker’s life.