Two arrested, inmate charged in drug bust

4 years ago

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — Local and state authorities have arrested two and charged an inmate on drug charges, after an attempt to smuggle drugs into Aroostook County Jail on Jan. 23. 

One man was arrested after allegedly attempting to provide hard drugs to a prisoner within the jail on Thursday. On Friday, another man was arrested at the prisoner’s residence after walking out with several hard drugs. The Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office announced the arrest in a joint statement with the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency on Monday night.

Police became aware on Thursday that Aroostook County Jail inmate Jessica Cheney, 38, of Presque Isle was “actively trying” to have someone provide her drugs at the jail, according to the release.

On Thursday evening, drug enforcement agents arrested Joshua Maynard, 37, of Presque Isle as he allegedly attempted to smuggle fentanyl, methamphetamine and undisclosed prescription drugs into the jail. Authorities charged Maynard with two counts of aggravated trafficking in scheduled drugs and trafficking in prison contraband. 

On Friday, drug enforcement agents, along with other authorities, began monitoring what they described as Cheney’s residence on Federal Street in Presque Isle. 

Agents witnessed 29-year-old Andrew Maynard of Presque Isle leave the residence. Authorities said Andrew Maynard left the house with what they suspected was fentanyl, illegally obtained prescription drugs and more than $2,400 in cash. After police obtained a search warrant for Andrew Maynard’s truck, they also allegedly found methamphetamine inside his vehicle.

Andrew Maynard was charged with aggravated trafficking and possession of scheduled drugs. The press release said Andrew Maynard was on pretrial release at the time of arrest, after being charged with federal drug offenses in July.

Authorities charged Jessica Cheney with three counts of aggravated trafficking in scheduled drugs, trafficking in prison contraband and possession of scheduled drugs. 

Cheney was already in jail for unlawful possession of scheduled drugs, unsworn falsification, falsifying physical evidence and violating bail.