Pierce Cemetery in Mars Hill extended by 75 plots

3 years ago

MARS HILL, Maine — Local businesses and the town have teamed up to increase the size of the Pierce Cemetery at 335 Fort Road in Mars Hill by 75 plots, ensuring that residents and their loved ones will have a resting place for years to come. 


Land was donated for the venture by automotive repair company M.E. Grass and Sons as well as Wayne and Gregg Garrison of Double G Farms.

Several different businesses played a role in the effort, with ME Grass and Sons clearing the area of trees and Smith’s Farm and County Farms working to get the property prepared for final cover. 

Warren and Nolan Cushman finished the project, covering the ground with fine loam. The town of Mars Hill also played a role, surveying the property. 

Todd Grass of M.E. Grass and Sons said the effort was a community one. Many involved have family members buried in the cemetery and want to see its use continued. 

“Everybody needs a place to go,” Grass said. “And if you are with your loved ones, that’s even better.”