Committee petitions to recall Caribou city councilor

4 years ago

CARIBOU, Maine — A committee consisting of five community members is moving forward with a petition drive to recall Caribou City Councilor Doug Morrell.

The specific reasons for the recall drive were not clear Friday.

Caribou City Manager Dennis Marker said during a Sept. 8 city council meeting that the committee submitted an affidavit of intent on Sept. 4. As a result, he said the city clerk’s office is required to provide petition forms to the five petition committee members. The forms were sent out on Thursday, Sept. 10.

Marker told the council that he will make sure they also receive copies of the forms so they can see what is involved with the process.

“The process moving forward is the petitioners would have 60 business days from when they received the petitions to go out and get, as we’ve calculated, 1,112 signatures from registered voters.”

According to the council packet, if the petition is filed it will require the citizens to go to a special election at some point in February 2021.