Letters to the Editor

In support of Councilor Morrell

To the editor:

This letter is in support of Councilor Morrell’s conduct on the Caribou City Council. I have known the man all of his life and he has the same values today as he did when he was on the council in 2006-2008.

Yes, he is correct when he says he is rough around the edges and he has his own way of getting his point across, but you will not find a person who is more dedicated to his role of protecting the best interests of all the taxpayers and making Caribou’s future more sustainable for us all.

Those that know Councilor Morrell know that his heart is in the right place in everything that he does, and he will do what is right for the taxpayers of Caribou. If that upsets some, then so be it.  As far as being rough around the edges, I for one, would rather have someone like Councilor Morrell in my corner fighting for us taxpayers than any of the previous “tax and spend crowd” that has been on the council in years past and are to blame for Caribou’s current situation today.

Councilor Morrell is a conservative just like Mayor Goughan and Councilor Kirkpatrick. Together, these three men have done a fantastic job for the city of Caribou.

I am asking all my neighbors, friends and citizens to support Councilor Morrell by not signing the foolish recall petition and to re-elect councilors Goughan and Kirkpatrick this November. We need them to continue with their conservative, businesslike approach to government so they can uncover what previous councils neglected to uncover and to make corrections without delay. An example of this was the very low rates that were being charged for ambulance services to surrounding communities, and Councilor Morrell was ringing the alert bell back in 2006-2008. The council then refused to even look at the problem saying, “Oh, that’s a money-maker for the city.” Well, here we are 14 years later, and as we have learned, he was right.

Freeman Cote

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