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Ranked choice on the ballot

To the editor:

[At the] last go-round, Republicans were royally cheated out of our first choice of Bruce Poliquin by this diabolical system the Democrats hoisted on us called ranked-choice voting.

Don’t ask me to explain how this process benefits them, but we need to realize that it does, and to defeat the system we need to vote right, all the way across the ballot.

This time around we have ranked-choice voting even on the presidential ticket. If you are a voter for Trump, and only want Trump, it’s very simple to defeat the system. But you have to fill in every circle behind Trump’s name, not just one. I believe on this ballot there are six columns with five presidential candidates. If, like myself, you want Trump and only Trump to be elected, you must fill in all six circles behind his name. It is absolutely necessary you do this. Do not fill in just one circle or your vote will not count in subsequent rounds. By filling in all six circles behind Trump’s name you will be casting your vote for Trump and only Trump no matter how many rounds they have to go to get the required majority.

This is how they ripped us off before when Jared Golden was elected. Let’s not let them take our choice for president away and have Joe Biden elected.

Obviously, use the same system for the other races.  If you want Susan Collins, and only Susan Collins, to win, fill in all the circles behind her name.

If you have any questions, ask a poll worker, and explain you want to vote for one candidate in all the rounds. They’ll be happy to help you out. 

Clare Kierstead
Presque Isle

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