Caribou area From our Files – Week of February 2, 2021

3 years ago

115 Years Ago – Jan. 31, 1906

Grange meeting – – The Caribou Grange held its weekly meeting in the P. of H. Opera House Tuesday evening. About 100 people attended.

100 Years Ago – Feb. 3, 1921

New restaurant The new restaurant of C. F. Nickerson over A.J. Michaud’s Grocery Store will open to the public this Saturday.

Woodland school closed — The Woodland School is closed for a while because most of the pupils have the measles.

75 Years Ago – Jan. 31, 1946

General Foods officials arrive in Caribou — Mr. Franklin Delaney, superintendent of the new Caribou plant, and other officials of Birds Eye arrived this week in Caribou to take charge of the new freezing plant.

Disy’s Bargain Store Remodeled — Disy’s Bargain Store on Water Street has undergone extensive renovations during the past few weeks. The entire store has been remodeled from top to bottom.

25 Years Ago – Jan. 31, 1996

Speedometer check Drivers in Limestone were given the chance to check their speedometers as the police department utilized the Custom 10 Radar System, which was purchased by a grant from the Aroostook Chiefs of Police. They believe if people see their speed displayed they will slow down.

Volunteer recycles paper Walter Bourgoyne of Mapleton, a volunteer at Cary Medical Center, directs the hospital’s recycling program. Bourgoyne provided a report on the recycling program at the end of 1995. In his breakdown of activity he explained that Cary recycled 28,000 pounds or 14 tons of paper.