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A wake-up call for world democracies

To the editor:

The first months of 2021 have been marked by insurrectionary movements in many democratic nations. Myanmar, Niger, and even the United States have experienced violent post-election turmoil that threatens the legitimacy of their democratic institutions.

According to the 2020 Global Democracy Index, many states have slipped back into authoritarianism with the United States, the self-appointed leader of the free world, ranking as a “flawed democracy.”

This frightening trend toward authoritarianism can only be thwarted through the reformation of our beloved democratic institutions. World affairs do not remain static but are constantly changing, and our democracies must reflect these changes. Citizens must not shy away from foreign affairs as globalization has made the world so interconnected that what happens across the world is very relevant to your daily lives. Global problems require global solutions, not nationalistic ones. I urge readers to recognize the fragility of democracy, as it is not a guaranteed birthright. 

We, as global citizens, must put aside our nationalist ideologies and come up with policies to reform our democracies so they may survive for future generations.  

Dustin Alward

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