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Landlord seeks promised funds

To the editor:

I have read that 89 percent of the federal funds for housing assistance has not been distributed, according to an August report in the New York Times.

We had a tenant leave us owing us $10,800, plus an insufficient check the individual gave us for nearly $2,000. 

We are landlords and need to pay our bills. We tried to work this out through Aroostook County Action Program in Presque Isle, but they left it completely up to the tenant.  We contacted our state senator, our U.S. Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King and Gov. Janet Mills’ office, and had no response or results from any of them.  

Was all this money coming from the U.S. government real or just a dream some of our congresspeople have come up with? I see the U.S. Supreme Court has finally come up with an answer I can appreciate to end the eviction problem.  

We are wondering if there are any other landlords left in this position.  We are wondering how other landlords dealt being left holding the bag without pay as we were. 

Can any of our elected representatives answer this question — why rental assistance is so one-sided? Please let us know and thank you for your reply.

Gov. Mills, what did you do with our share of the COVID-19 money? 

Thank God for Catholic Charities and the people they helped with their food distributions in our area.

Loomis Craig
Presque Isle

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