Houlton Police Department Hires two new officers

3 years ago

HOULTON, Maine — The Houlton Police Department has announced the hiring of two new officers. 

Jacob W. Goodman and Christopher R. Horn started their official work day on Monday, Sept. 27, while attending the Law Enforcement Pre-Service School being sponsored by the Houlton Police Department. 

The two will then begin their field-training program scheduled over the next several weeks. The field-training program ensures the new officers understand the Houlton Police Department’s  mission as well as meeting the expectations of the department. 

“One of the principle goals is to encourage community service and assisting those in need whenever possible,” said Houlton Police Chief Tim DeLuca. “The FTO program also builds situational awareness and enhances officer safety. We are looking forward to getting them to full duty status. Each of our candidates are chosen based on the HPD community orientated mission. Both Goodman and Horn meet our expectations and will be a good extension of our team.”

Goodman is a current resident of Patten and has had a longtime passion toward law enforcement. He is a graduate of Katahdin High School and later went on to Northern Maine Community College, where he earned a degree in electrical construction. He is also a graduate of the Region II program in Houlton.

Prior to his hiring, Goodman worked at his family’s business, North Country Lodge in Moro,  a popular hunting and guiding service.

“Jacob has a community-orientated outlook and is motivated,” the chief said. “We are looking forward to having Jacob as part of our team and watching his success and career development.”

Horn is a resident of Oakfield and has had an ongoing interest in law enforcement throughout his life. He is a graduate of the Art Institute of Virginia Beach, Virginia, graduating with a degree in culinary arts. 

In addition, he attended the College of Western Idaho studying criminal Justice. He served several years in the U.S. Army as a Platoon Sergeant serving in the Middle East and is now retired. 

Horn next became a Contract Protection Specialist in the Middle East, providing a variety of military protection type services. He and his wife Jensine relocated to Oakfield with their four children and love the area. 

“Chris has a community-orientated outlook and is motivated to serve the community,” the chief said. “We are looking forward to having Chris as part of our team and watching his success and career development.”