New code permitting software

2 years ago

If only there was enough time in the day to do all the tasks we need to complete. Residents, carpenters, electricians, and contractors are all plagued with completing paper applications for building, electrical, and Certificate of Occupancy permits before sending the application and cash or check payment through the mail, or dropping it off at City Hall.

There has to be a better way that will save time and added convenience.

Now imagine waking up as a contractor or homeowner on the weekend. As you enjoy your morning coffee in the privacy of your own home, you hop on the computer and fill out your permit application(s) within five minutes or less having never stepped foot in City Hall to obtain a building, electrical or Certificate of Occupancy application. 

The Presque Isle Department of Economic Development’s Code Office has heard you loud and clear and will now be offering online permitting services for building permits, electrical permits, and Certificate of Occupancy permits all with effortless features to upload supporting documents such as site plans, blueprints, and estimate(s), and process online payments to make permitting operations stream-lined and more convenient for you, the user.  

The Code Office will be able to offer email correspondence services directly to you regarding the status of your application and to request additional information if it is required. In addition, the Code Office staff will have the ability to update your permit application by desktop computer or smartphone through interactions by phone, in-person or email.  

Never in Aroostook County have these services been available for residents and construction professionals and we hope this added benefit in service is one way we can help make your life easier as you manage your home or client’s construction project(s).  

With all of these added benefits to serving you, the City will still accept paper or typed applications for individuals who prefer this method of interaction with the Code Office personnel. Should you wish to learn more about when permits are required or would like to be one of the first beta test permitting system users, please contact Tim St. Peter, code enforcement officer at 207-760-2770. We look forward to continuing to serve you and answer any questions you may have regarding permits, land use and zoning concerns.  

Penny Anderson is administrative assistant at the Presque Isle code enforcement office. She can be reached at 760-2703 or via email at