Easton Junior/Senior High School first quarter honor roll for 2021-22

2 years ago

EASTON, Maine — Easton Junior/Senior High School recently announced the honor roll for the first quarter of the 2021-22 school year. The following were included.

SENIORS — Highest honors: Kaden Arnett, Ian Bubar, Maggee Currie and Emma Lamoreau. High honors: Ben Currier, Lacey O’Mara and Madison Ouellet. Honors: Hannah Croteau.

JUNIORS Highest honors: Logan Bernier and Jenna Cochran. High honors: Grace Flewelling, Brayden Tompkins and Benjamin Wipperman. Honors: Evan Carver and Jadon Ellis.

SOPHOMORES Highest honors: Amelia Bate, Trey Brewer, Abigale Bugbee, Grace Ellis, Joshua Good, Alexander Hale and Maggie McQuade. High honors: Madison Seeley. Honors: Isabella Hollis, Olivia Keep and Owen Sweeney. 

FRESHMEN Highest honors: Savana Brown, Blake King and Chloe Lento. High honors: Brayden Boulier, Laynie Brewer, Madison Bridges, Chase Flewelling and Cody Nadeau. Honors: Colby Bernier, Jazmyn Brown, Courtney Gilbert and Grace Sloan.

GRADE 8 Highest honors: Olivia Bate, Chloe Blackstone, Raiden Cochran and Abigail Siddiqui. High honors: Lilah Pelkey.

GRADE 7 Highest honors: Allison Bate, Adrianna Bridges, Connor Henderson, Ivy Henne, Olivia Hopkins, Mea Lagasse and Brayson Tompkins. High honors: Chase Mitchell. Honors: Max Adams, Josiah Ellis and Justin Quint.