History column sparked great memories

2 years ago

To the editor:

       Thank you, Kim Smith, for your history of the Allen Building in the April 27 issue of this paper.  This building, which is located at 428 Main St., is next to the Northeastland Hotel, and has played an important part in my life. It was home to a law office for over 60 years.  For almost 40 of those years, I was one of the attorneys whose office was in this building.  Over the years the firm had several names, one of which was Stevens, Engels, Bishop and Sprague.  Unfortunately, no attorneys there now.

       Thanks to Dick Graves, I have in my current office a picture of the building and its occupants taken in the 1890s.  It is interesting to see how little has changed to the front of the building.  When my two sons were growing up, they loved to sit in the upstairs bay windows to watch a parade go by.  The best seats in town.

       Thanks again, Kim.

Dick Engels

Presque Isle