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Climate change insanity

To the editor:

I want to take you back to the very end of the Trump administration. The economy was functioning on all cylinders. Gas was just over $2 a gallon.

Inflation was well in check. Korea, Iraq and Iran were quiet and behaved. The Middle East was actually coming together with Israel signing peace accords with at least four of its neighbors, several others wanting to do so as well.

COVID-19 had reared its ugly head with all the experts saying it would take years to get an effective vaccine, yet within a year’s time, with Trump’s urging and knowhow, vaccines were available to deal with the virus. All the new administration had to do was to step back and let everything purr.

In 15 short months, because of direct actions of this current administration, the United States of America has been brought to its knees. At last check, gas was well over $4 a gallon, mostly due to Biden’s caving to the climate change insanity of the radical progressive left. All subsequently related fuels are through the roof. Only a complete spineless dolt cuts off the lifeblood of a nation without first making sure the next source of energy — in this case renewables — is well planned and already build up and physically ready for use.

Since Biden jumped the gun, everything, every system that relies on fossil fuels, has collapsed or is collapsing (i.e., supply chain, trucking, rail). You name it. Now groceries are off the charts. People are having to make hard choices they never had to make before. The government has started to cut subsidies of Americans.

Yet as this is all happening, the [president] makes sure illegal aliens can march unvetted across our southern border. Not just letting them enter, but aiding them with bus rides and plane flights throughout our country, give them all forms of aid, not to mention their own smartphones.

Trump was right. Put Americans first, not last, or these illegals may find a country that’s no better than the one they just left.

Clare Kierstead
Presque Isle

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