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Stop the tail

To the editor:

The tail has been wagging the dog in the U.S. for a long time now, at least the last six years.

After the death of George Floyd, a tiny percentage of mostly Black activists spent seven months destroying cities and towns, burning businesses, attacking courtrooms, even overtaking a police station. The mainstream media came down on the side of these liberal activists, calling these riots “mostly peaceful.” Many of these actions were seditious, yet only only were these activists not tried in a court of law, but liberal progressive members of Congress actually raised money to bail these criminals out of jail.

When the Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings were in session, a group of these activists tried to break through the doors of the Supreme Court building in the capital when sitting members of Congress were conducting the hearings. Again, an act of decision interfering with the lawful courts of judicial nomination. Again, the mainstream media largely supported these activists and all but made them out to be heroes.

Now that there is a conservative leaning to some of the latest decisions of the Supreme Court, these activists, anarchists, are again throwing giant hissy fits like a gaggle of spoiled rotten brats who can’t have their own way. The mainstream media whip up the public with misinformation, exaggerating the scope of the Roe vs. Wade decision, which simply sends the abortion rights issue back to the states where constitutionally it should have been all along.

Since the progressive Democrats can’t get their radical agenda through the Congress, and with Biden being so unpopular, a lame duck if you will, they’re calling for the packing of the Supreme Court as well as adding more liberal senators by adding D.C. and Puerto Rico. They’ll do anything it takes to pass their own agenda and crush the will of the American people.

Clare Kierstead
Presque Isle

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