Thoughts on property taxes

2 years ago

Dear Editor;

Thanks to Trey Stewart for trying to help us old residents by limiting our real estate taxes in the future.

I have noticed the $25,000 Homestead discount we have been given.  What a great help on our real estate taxes.

To the City Council: I have noticed on our tax bill an increase in the valuation of our property by 7.9 percent last year and 5.1 percent this year.  This adds to our tax base, which adds to our tax bill.  With the mill rate as low as it is, this does not lower our taxes.

I would guess the increase in valuation has occurred because of the influx of outside residents moving in which is good for the tax base.  Was this caused by the pandemic?  I question if the valuation will decrease after the pandemic and inflation ends and families start to leave the area again.  Should we be looking at this realistically for the future.

Loomis Craig
Presque Isle