Cast your vote for Jackson

2 years ago

To the editor:

There is no question that Troy Jackson is the best person to represent us in the Maine Senate. No matter how busy the man is, he always makes time for those who need him. Last week, Troy stopped by my house to hear my concerns as a small Maine farmer.

Most people probably don’t know or understand just how important it is to keep small farms, like mine, running. But Troy gets it, and he fights for us.

As I talked about the challenges our farm faces, Troy stood there and listened, unbothered by the chill and the not-so-wonderful (to most) smell. He didn’t cringe his nose or act like he didn’t want to be there. Instead, he stood there in awe of the farm we operate (and our enormous bull), asked questions, asked what he could do to help us, and promised that he would do everything he could. 

We understand that all he can do is try, but knowing that he will fight for us and do what he can is more than enough. I know he was genuine in making that promise because he understands that it’s not just about farming, it is about our history and our legacy that we as Maine farmers are proud of. 

Troy may put on a suit like the others when he goes to Augusta, but one thing for sure is that underneath that suit is a man from The County who knows us, understands us and will fight for us as long as we let him. And we need him in Augusta. All of us, including small farmers like me, need him in Augusta. So it doesn’t matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat, if you want action, vote Jackson.

Melissa Jandreau