Attention parents

1 year ago

To the editor:

During COVID, states with Democratic governors kept their states shut down for longer, saying they were following Centers for Disease Control guidelines. Other Republican-led states, like Florida and South Dakota, hardly shut down at all. Weknow now how harmful these shutdowns were to the children who couldn’t attend schools in person for well over a year.

Our governor, janet Mills, followed the CDC guidelines to the letter, even while seeing the damage they were inflicting on Maine’s children.

This week the CDC held a vote making it mandatory for every student in public schools to get the new omicron COVID shot, a vaccine that only 4 percent of adults have opted to get, according to Fox News. The reasons adults aren’t getting it in large numbers is because it has not been proven to be effective, and because it has negative effects including a heart ailment, in one of every 5,000 recipients, reports say.

States can opt out of the CDC guidelines, but do you really think Janet Mills will do so? Before Election Day, she needs to let her stand be known on this issue. If she’s silent, you can pretty much conclude she’s for forcing your children to take this vaccine or — you guessed it — they can’t go back to school.

Paul LePage, on the o ther hand, with his commonsense business approach, will not just rubber-stamp a foolish governmental mandate which makes no sense. Parents, fight for your kids’ future. You know Mills certainly won’t do it.

Clare Kierstead
Presque Isle