SnowBowl a resounding success

1 year ago

To the editor,

Although our talented city staff and inventive local businesspeople are as capable as anyone at planning an entertaining schedule of events for citizens of all ages, even these designers of delight had no control of the glorious weather that we were blessed to receive for the recent Caribou SnowBowl weekend.

For the bright sunny skies and everything else that went into the success of this four-day celebration of our snowmobile enthusiast culture, we are truly grateful. Having this lineup of world-class entertainment here in the City of Caribou has made the winter a little bit shorter for everyone.

On behalf of the Caribou City Council, I would like to send my sincere thanks to members of the Caribou business community for their overwhelming commitment to the ambitious blueprint envisioned by Troy Haney and Jim Gamage. To the media partners who helped spread the word about the event to the public, thank you for your support. Additionally, it is gratifying to see the excellent work done by our municipal employees to carry out the exciting plans.

Seeing our friends and neighbors making fun memories at the goings-on, was such a pleasure. Thank you for the honor to serve the remarkable citizens of Caribou. 

Jody Smith, Mayor
City of Caribou