From our Files – Week of May 10, 2023

1 year ago

50 Years Ago — May 17, 1973

  Mrs. Gardner was honored by SAD 10 — A special Mother’s Day program was held on May 11, 1973, at Allagash Consolidated School honoring the mothers of the students in grades K-8. The students presented a variety of songs, poems and several selections on the flute-a-phone.

A corsage of red roses was presented to Mrs. Gladys Gardner as a token of appreciation for her many years of devotion to the children of SAD 10. She had recently donated a beautiful handmade pillow used to raise money to enable the elementary student body to attend the Anah Temple Shrine Circus at Caribou.

25 Years Ago — May 13, 1998

Visiting Critters — What a disappointment for the kindergarten class at Dr. Levesque School, when after 21 days of “tipping the eggs,” the eggs didn’t hatch. Something went wrong. Maurice Morin, who had provided the class with two dozen fertilized eggs, speculated that it could have been because of a low temperature within the incubator. Nevertheless, the incubator set up at the Madawaska Elementary School successfully hatched some chicks. Morin brought some “visiting chicks” to Dr. Levesque School so that the children could use their brooder and enjoy the chicks for a few days. After the chicks had been amply petted and read to for four days, Morin returned to pick up the chicks.

10 Years Ago — May 8, 2013 

Farmers prepare for planting — At the end of South Perley Brook Road, just past a pond studded with old trees and waterfowl, potato houses and farm garages have been bustling with activity since the arrival of spring. The first week in May found Gilman Caron and his son Steve, who operate G&S Farms, gearing up for spring planting. The Carons anticipate planting to start by the middle of this week in May, as long as the weather holds out. The Caron family has been farming this area for five generations now, with two brothers, Gilman and Raoul and their sons, continuing the tradition.