Out-of-control spending

5 months ago

To the editor:

United we stand, divided we fall.  When you have both parties pointing fingers at one another, nothing gets done in Washington. Either party will say anything in order to stay in power. Accepting bribes from “special interests” is what politicians seem best at.

Under President Biden’s watch the “debt ceiling” has gone through the roof. To make things worse it doesn’t seem to bother him. Anyone borrowing money to make a large purchase, such as a home or auto, should give it serious thought. Keep your  high-mileage Chevy; that new Caddy you’ve dreamed about should go on hold for now. Money saved for retirement to Hawaii will probably stay right in your backyard. With gasoline prices up, your Sunday drives across country will have to be local. With food prices up, a large family has to remain thrifty. 

Don’t blame the farmer or grocer. They also have to deal with president Biden’s out-of-control inflation. 

So if you’re fortunate and have some savings, maintain it well. President Biden would surely find a way to deplete it.

Joe Voisine
Former Fort Kent resident
North Monmouth