Presidential Volunteer Service Awards given out to students in the Loring Job Corps Honor Guard program

5 months ago

Nine students with the Loring Job Corps Honor Guard program were presented with the Presidential Volunteer Service Award for their community service efforts, community engagement and overall selfless service to make the lives of others better each and every day.

The awards were presented through a partnership of the Loring Job Corps and the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Caribou as a unique way to recognize the efforts of our youth in the local community. These nine students and their team have logged in over 1,500 hours of community service and continue to serve as ambassadors for Loring and the entire Job Corps program, while also demonstrating patriotism in support of all veteran-focused events. The awards consist of a certificate from the Points of Light Foundation, a memorandum from the president, and a medallion to commemorate and present for all to see. These awards will also become part of each student’s portfolio and resume making them even more employable once they complete their training. Front, from left, Amber Elliott and Melvin Brunson. Back, Devonia Redlon, VFW Commander and Loring staff member Roger Felix, Max UO, Jacquese Barrett, Osee Ndayikorere, Randy Payamps, Alfu UO, and Kasiem Johnson.